Australian Grown Sourdough Pasta – Spelt Shells 400g


Australian Grown Sourdough Pasta – Spelt Shells 400g


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STORY: With origins in the Middle East/ Mesopotamia region around 9000 years ago, Spelt is an ancient member of the Farro family. Spelt contains more fibre than the average grain and today is most known and loved by the modern grain eater for its digestibility, which has been supported by scientific research.

VARIETY: Spelt (triticum Spelta)

TASTE: nutty, hearty, nutrient rich

BEST PAIRED WITH: very versatile, from full-bodied sauces like a ragu to burnt butter emulsions

FARMED BY: Ben Smith

ORIGIN: Thornton Farm, Trangie, NSW

PROCESS: Stoneground flour with a large percentage of wholewheat, long fermentation, slow air-dried

Our plastic free packaging is certified home compostable & commercially compostable so that it can be returned to nature after use.



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